Have you ever wondered how ideas that appear totally impractical become the basis of incredible research works?
Have you ever been surprised by the way new materials are synthesised?
Have you ever been provoked to wonder how air and water purifiers work?
Have you ever given a thought to how non-conventional sources of energy are replacing the conventional ones in a more efficient and environment-friendly way?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then this is your destination.
Reflux, IIT Guwahati provides you with a tangible platform to exhibit your model,projects and experiments to demonstrate the uniqueness and advancements in chemical engineering.
  • All students (UG/PG) are eligible to take part in this event
  • A maximum of 3 members can form a team
  • Submit the details of your model along with a brief description in word/PDF format
  • Showcase your model during Reflux in front of experienced panel of judges
  • Participation certificate will be given to all teams

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